Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been meaning to change my Facebook status for a week or two now, but haven't quite figured out what I want it to say exactly. Essentially it's about having a heart of "maditude or gratitude". Maybe I'll figure it out soon.

I don't make resolutions each year but I do try to set myself some goals and this year I have a blanket goal of living out Colossians 3:23 (to do everything unto the Lord). I think that in itself will help me focus and work more out of love and gratitude. But I'd like to keep doing Gratituesdays because it's nice testimony that life is really blessed of the Lord.

This week I am especially thankful for a warm house to live in. Watching the news tonight, the reporters were talking about the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and how the Haitians are still dealing with the aftermath, living in tent cities which are looking to be permanent residence than temporary housing. The cholera epidemic that is shooting through the tent cities. These are just a small portion of the things they face right now.

I am grateful to the Lord for providing me shelter, and am sorry for growing frustrated that it's not perfect. It's loved and lived-in. And when I get frustrated cleaning the floor, need to remember how blessed I am to have that floor, or when a pipe is leaking that we are blessed to have pipes to begin with. Or when I see the 20-year-old tile in my kitchen with some rough patches, that I am rich and blessed beyond measure that I even have a tile floor.

I pray for the people of Haiti and hope that you will add your prayers. I pray for all those around the world without adequate shelter. And I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy in granting me a home to live in right now.

Tempting Tuesdays

Well, we don't have a new recipe this week. I need to finish shopping and when I went out earlier this week my DH said he would make dinner today because he believed he would be home (officer safety is an AWESOME cook). It turns out that he was able to get out (snow not as bad as they believed it would be), so instead tonight we are having lasagna and salad.

Hoping to pick up Tempting Tuesdays again next week after I reshuffle my monthly menu.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays

In an effort to expand our menu choices, last year I tried to make an effort to cook one "new to us" recipe each week. It didn't always work out, but we did try some new stuff that we liked and some we probably won't make again.

Hitting the reset button, I've declared Tuesdays to be Tempting Tuesdays! These are the days that we will be trying our new recipes. The goal is at least two new recipes a month, prefer to try four.

This week's new-to-us recipe comes from the blog, Finding Joy in my Kitchen. It's called Cherry Balsamic Chicken Skillet. I'll be doubling it for our family of five (so some leftovers for lunch next day).

If you are interested in this recipe, click HERE!

If I get a chance, will try to upload photos later today and let you know how it tastes and what we liked/didn't like about it.

Rejoice in the Lord Always

Today I was reminded about making the choice to praise the Lord and making the choice to be glad and rejoice--no matter what your situation.

I know I've been guilty of letting problems keep me from praising God and I've taken my eyes off the solution and focused instead on the problems around me (most often, they aren't problems but annoyances that I make into mountains). Ive had to pray often about refocusing my thoughts and mind--to continually renew my mind. In this hustle and bustle world it's easy to get distracted and lose track.

Sunday the little song "Rejoice in the Lord always" was stuck in my mind and I have to tell you that it made such a difference in my day. I was cheerful even when I splashed water all over myself from the sink, even as I cleaned it up and even when my poor little guy was whining (he was not feeling well). Just focusing on the Lord and not my own little things kept my spirits cheerful and thankful.

When you least want to praise, that might be the time you need most to!

Well, I'm off to work as unto the Lord and to take care of this family and home that He gave into my care. I pray that your day is blessed!

Hugs & Blessings,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hitting the Reset Button

Happy New Year to you all. I pray that the Lord provides you with much blessing during the year.

I don't know about you, but the New Year is a time for reflection here. I don't like making resolutions, but definitely look at January 1st as a time to hit the reset button--especially in light of the things we have been studying in our class.

And this year was no different, with the exception that I have heavily felt the conviction to really take care of some business here and let go of the past. It's time to move on with a new start and make sure that everything I do is unto the Lord. Some things will need to be removed from my life and others will need to be improved, all for His glory.

For the past efforts, I apologize. I was not ready to do things I said I was and I was unable to provide what I said I could. I had chosen to do things not always asking the Lord if I should, relying instead on what flesh wanted to do. It was an immature decision to say or do things that I was not released to do/say. It could be a great example of what not to do. I am tremendously sorry and pray forgiveness.

For the future, only the Lord knows what is in store, but I hope that you walk with me as I go forward in renewed conviction and renewed purpose to do everything for His glory so that I can fulfill the life He has made for me and my precious family.

New Year Blessings and Much Prayer!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Walgreens Photo Book

Today only--for FaceBook fans only--Walgreens is offering coupon code for a free 4.5x6" purse photo book (not including sales tax, etc.)

If you are interested, make sure you log into FaceBook, click "like" on the Walgreens page then go to the Free Photo book tab. Follow the directions/links.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our God Reigns...

So, I woke up this morning and almost immediately upon waking this wonderful song was playing in my mind...

I don't know if it's in regard to issues that are being dealt with or to let me know that no matter what happens this week (new) that He is in control, but I just love that our Father will take something so simple and fill a heart with encouragement and hope with a few simple words.

I pray that each of you have a great week and that you remember the hope you have in Him whenever something wants to cause you to stumble or that you just have the joy of knowing nothing touches your life--good or bad--without His knowing it.

Have a fantastic and blessed week!