Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome, Sisters...

Please come in and make yourself comfortable.

Welcome to this new blog, Home & Heart Keepers.

We'll get to more in a moment--need to switch the laundry over first...okay, shall we continue?

Why have you started this blog?

First and foremost we hope to glorify God and share the Word of God and insights we have gleaned from the Word and from our personal walk.

Secondly, it is because we feel that women have been called to care for their homes (and any blessings along with it) but often feel alone or misunderstood.

Thirdly, because we are learning, right along with you, what it means to truly fulfill our God-given roles.

What qualifies you to do this?

We are not experts--as mentioned above, we are learning with you--nor do we pretend to know it all. We also struggle with problems like perfectionism, procrastination, fear, anxiety and yes, even the age old question, "What's for dinner?"

We daily strive to die in the flesh. And it's a good thing we need to because it is our weaknesses which delight the Lord. When we rely on Him in all things then He is glorified and strengthens us in Him.

Believe us, there are days we cringe to think someone could stop by (like today--eek!). Why? Because we have not always fulfilled our duty to the fullest. We are now striving to do so and hope to one day soon have our home become a beacon of hospitality for any who arrive on our doorstep. We tell you this so that you understand we truly need God and encouragement as much as you.

We feel the joyful burden to reach out to those struggling and encourage them as often as possible, and exhort them when needed. We hope you will do the same with your comments and prayers, and by sharing your journeys.

Is this blog for me?

While this blog primarily relates to Christian women who are keepers at home, we invite all and it is our prayer that women everywhere can find encouragement as they fulfill their God-given task in keeping their homes and the hearts of those close to them.

All the Rest

I say "we" because while this blog will be written mostly in my hand this is a joint effort with my darling groom and most importantly, the Lord. The good Lord gifted me with an incredible and intelligent husband and I rely on his wisdom and insight almost as much as I do the Lord's.

We will try to post as often as we can, but my first duty is to my husband and keeping our home as his is to cherish and provide for me and our children. Between work, worship, building blocks and breakfast cereal we hope to find moments of Holy-Spirit calm to share our journey with you.

So, please, take a walk with us as we learn to treasure what the world might think is "mundane" or "for someone else". Just remember what I Corinthians 3:19 (NIV) teaches us, "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight..."

And now off to toss the dead plants in the window (did I mention I have a black thumb?).

God Bless You,
Ken & Tamara